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Who I am…. March 20, 2008

I’m a SAHM to two littles, Ryan born August 9, 2006 and Ethan born November 7, 2008. I have 3 littles in heaven.     I’m a Bible-believing, truth recieving, God ADORING woman.   I love to read, clean (yes really!) but my worst hangup is organizing! When I get weary I tend to just put it all in a laundry basket to deal with later…and that leads to unorganized messes! I’m trying to tackle it all – and spend less. I have an obsession with cute kids clothes, and I love shopping, which can often mean getting out of the boundries if I’m not careful.  I love warm fires, good books and smores! I’m trying to lose weight too – always an endless battle! Just a little about who I am! This blog is to keep up with my spending/savings amounts.  I’m a perpetual list maker, one whom always has to have everything written down, so that’s why I’m doing this!


2 Responses to “Who I am….”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Hi! I love your savings. I just dont know where to start! I clip coupons out of the paper but they dont seem to be much cheaper than generics.

    How do you menu plan? I can tell that you have a stock of food that I would love to build up to, but what do I do now as I shop and plan for the week before. Sometimes there are NOT sales on what I can think of to eat and there seems to be many sales on things I dont want to eat.

    Where do I start mama?!

    Another Christ loving mommy,

  2. Lacy Says:


    I found you via Frugal Hacker…..

    My husband and I have started a website called I’m creating a blog wall, full of useful blogs that have a frugal christian perspective! We have lots of blogs that are already on the wall like deal seeking mom, attention target shoppers, and many more.

    If you’re interested in placing your button on our wall, let me know!!

    All we ask is that you place a link to our site in your links area.

    Here is the blogwall url:

    We also have created a coupon database with YUI technology (LoL I don’t know what that means but my husband raves that it’s the best thing since sliced bread lol)

    If you have any questions please shot me an email!



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