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GOOD day :) February 19, 2009

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This morning I realized that we are low on diapers in Ryan’s size. I have oodles of diapers for Ethan but not Ryan. I also was down to my last box of wipes. I haven’t purchased wipes since well before Ethan was born, so I guess it was time. So off I went…praying I could get a really good deal.

First was BabiesRus – our insurance company sent us a 35$ gift card to BRU for completing the baby program. I went and planned on getting some of their brand – I had a $2 coupno which would’ve made each pack roughly $6. Then, they had a promo going where you bought Pampers brand – for every 3 you got $15 gc back. So I went and after much headache – they are SO unorganized, let me tell you – I ended up with 3 huge box of Pampers wipes ($11.99 each minus the $2) and a pack of pacifiers for Ethan to try. My total was $34 and I got $1 back from my GC, then also received a $15 GC that I will go back (it didn’t activate for 6 hours) and use the $2 coupon to get 3 packages of their wipes for $5.99 and pay $3 oop and end up with 6 giant boxes of refill wipes AND a thing of expensive pacifiers for $3 🙂 YAY!

Then on to Target – I have found that PER diaper, Target brand around here are the cheapest. Walmart’s Parent’s Choice and Target’s are neck and neck, but I prefer Target’s quality, personally. Anyway:

Target Diapers – jumbo box $13.69
Bacon – $2.79
2lb carrots – $2.50
Command Hooks – $3.03
Fire Screen – $7.48
2 pks index cards $.94
Total $32.86

I also stopped by the bank and opened up our Christmas account to save for Christmas 09! I ate with my grandparents for breakfast, and she gave me a bag with a bunch of bananas, a thing of nilla wafers, a whole chicken, some girl scout cookies & a thing of pepperidge farm wheat crackers! YUM! 😀

I’ll amend the totals on the side in a few…not bad though considering I’m almost halfway through my month!


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