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Menu Plan Monday! February 16, 2009

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Menus for February 15 through February 21 !


Teriyaki Chicken, Stirfried Veggies & Rice ($3.43)

sauce was $.39/bottle, chicken was $2.64, veggies were .40 and rice was free!


Grilled Deer Tenderloin, baked potatoes, fried squash  1.50

Deer was given to us so free, baked potatoes – $.10 each, squash $1 with breading


Sauerkraut, Weinies, Fried Potatoes, Cabbage & Cornbread 1.17 – .29

Sauerkraut – $.50, weinies free, potatoes $.10 each, cabbage free from garden & cornbread is $.27


Hamburger Helper, Corn on the Cob & Garlic toast – .75

HH was free, hamburger was $.35, free corn from the garden & toast is homemade bread with free butter and cheap cheap garlic! 


Dinner provided at bank meeting $0!


Fried Fish, oven Cajun potatoes, leftover veggies – 3.96

Fish is $3.46, potatoes $.10 each, veggies are free.


Hamburgers, Chips & yummy dill pickles! 3.55

Hamburgers – $2.50, chips $1 & dill pickles are $.05!

Total:  $14.36 for dinners & DH’s lunches! I make the dinner and then pack a plate for his lunch! Not bad!


DS and I are eating leftovers and spaghetti for lunches, breakfast for DH was made for the week out of leftover sausage from Saturday, cheap Publix biscuits & cinnamon rolls, so nearly no cost on those!


For more menu’s, visit!


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  1. I want to come over on Tuesday and Friday! 😉

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