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Shopping – 02/11/09 February 11, 2009

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Just recording…..Sorry, no pictures this time!!


Dollar General

2 boxes Magic Erasers – $4 (eek, I need to check the prices elsewhere for sure!)

3 containers garlic powder $1.50

125 Paper Plates – $3

Honey Buns for DH – $1.50

Italian Seasoning – $.50

Vanilla Extract – $1

3 cans chunky ham (6 breakfasts worth) $3

Fudge Covered cookies – $1.85 (splurge, whoops!)

Milkshake – $1.80 (and it wasn’t even good – bah!)



2 gallons milk – $2.19 each so $4.38

120 Trash Bags – $836

2 16 pks of hamburger buns at $1.79 each so $3.58

Giant Beef Bouillon $4.87

Giant Taco Seasoning $4.02

Pair of Men’s jeans for DH $12.91

Total with Tax: 41.13 ($13.50 from clothing, rest from Grocery)


2 men’s shirts for FIL’s birthday this week. Watch carefully:

Original price with tax: $97.20, yes 97.20 for two shirts!

Clearance price with tax: $17.22 savings of 79.98!!!! WOW! (had budgeted $20!)


YAY! Today went well. I went with a plan, and a budget and stuck to it.  I’m not going for much this month – trying to clear out some excess in the pantry and freezer. That’s really the first time I’ve bought beef boullion & garlic in literally 4 years! Those giant things last foooorever! The Birthday gift was just an amazing thing – I saw that JCP was having a sale, and knowing that I had commited to getting FIL a new shirt for his birthday, I went over after Sam’s last night to get his gift. I only saw the clearance price – tbh I never even looked at the original price. When I got in the car and saw the “SAVINGS” on the receipt, I nearly choked. WHO pays $100 for two shirts?? Seriously – do people do that? *gasp.*

At any rate, I got him the shirts, plus a 15% coupon for next time. Good thing since my dad’s birthday is at the end of the month – he needs other things besides shirts I’m certain.


Also – God is good – I sent my taxes in Monday, they were accepted yesterday and praise God we’re getting only $700 short of our mortgage! We’re going to be 100% debt free by February 23!!! I can’t wait.


More musings from me later – my oldest little was supposed to stay at my IL’s house last night, and I have to confess I was looking forward to a little extra project time today, and I was selfishly going to sleep in this morning. 10pm last night brought someone knocking on our front door – nearly scaring me senseless as I was in the kitchen for a late night snack, but it was our sweet MIL and our little – he had cried too much to come back home and she made the late night 30 mile trek back to our home.  So wake up time was at 6 as expected. 🙂 Anyway…..


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