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Honestly…. February 9, 2009

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This motherhood thing is just sometimes HARD. Ryan has been sick for four days, and when he’s sick he WHINES – a lot. This morning, I was in the middle of working on my Home Blessing because the house gets MESSY on the weekends, and I had Ryan eating breakfast. First, he woke up before DH ever left the house – at 6:30. Then while I was cleaning the bathroom, he decided that breakfast wasn’t good enough on the plate and in the bowl – he put his english muffin on the table and politely dumped his full bowl of rice krispies and milk on top of the muffin. That became nice finger paint for him – which is where I walked in. Um…No, not in our house. 🙂

Otherwise, it’s just another day in the house. I had really been praying about God helping me – I am a believer of modest dress. I only wear skirts, as that’s what is best for me. I wanted a couple of jumpers or dresses – I’m still a nursing mom though so I needed a)comfortable, b) accessible, c)Modest, d) durable and e)CHEAP! I went to the thrift store on Saturday and walked away with a skirt, two jumpers and a long sleeved dress for less than $10. 🙂 YAY! me! I have been on this clothing quest for several months – needing to find clothes that make me look like a modest, Godly and yet mom clothes. I am too often found in my jammies during the day because they’re comfy and I don’t mind stains. But with these new clothes…I don’t mind stains either – they are my mom uniform! 🙂 Tangent there, sorry.

Anyway, All is well – I am doing home blessing, filing taxes and shipping out Ebay sales today – I had quite a few things sell last night so they need to be on their way to their new homes. 🙂


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