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February 5, 2009

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Honestly I do NOT like the way my house looks right now. 😦  I don’t feel like it’s decorated in a style that reflects ME – some of it does but I don’t know if my tastes are just changing or what. I feel cluttered. *sigh* Still…here it is – we’ve lived here 11 months, and I was sick for most of that on bedrest so I am just now getting around to doing the needed things. 🙂



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  1. Darcy Says:

    I have to ask…are the words above your bed “All because two people fell in love” ? If that is what I read that is soo sweet! I was trying to see the other ‘words’ on your walls but some were harder to see. Would you care to share them? Where were you able to find them(ones stuck on wall, wooden letters, and the ones in frame)? I would love to have some like that around my home. We have a large house and we have a LR with entry that could use this kind of thing.

  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    Let’s see….

    The picture above our bed does say All because two people fell in love.” It was bought at Linen’s and Things. In the dining area on the wall itself are wall words from Target – “there’s no place like home”. in the laundry it says HOME on the wall (also from Target). The living room has Faith * Family * Friends from Ross plaque and above the mantle says “And they lived happily ever after” – which was a gift. 🙂 In the foyer I have “As for me and my house I will serve the Lord.” Also a gift. 🙂 I know Kohl’s, Target & I think Cracker barrel actually had some as well. 🙂 GL!

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