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Checking in…. February 2, 2009

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OH it’s just been so busy!! I’m hoping to get pictures up this week of our stockpile – we finally got a big shelf in the garage and I’ve been moving things out onto it from their crazy homes – having it here there and everywhere made for a cluttery feeling home!! I’m working on it..just not quite ready to show pictures. 🙂

I am doing my home blessing today – and it’s cold and rainy here so I started a fire early this morning. I LOVE supplementing heat with a fire! Yes, the central will do a good job, but our electric bill was high last month and I’m working to bring it down. Put warm clothes on the kids, crank that heat down to about 65 and put the fire on! Free wood from dh’s family farm and we’re good!

Also – we found out that we’re most likely getting much less on our taxes than we expected. 😦 We usually don’t get that large of a refund, but when DH took that $100,000 buyout last year it seriously made everything drastically different! We’re going to be dipping into savings to finish paying off the house and I don’t like the idea of our savings dropping to much less than 6 months of expenses, so I’ve been busy listing things on ebay and our local email loop to try to make some extra money to help keep our savings safe!! It’s strange how I get this way, it’s not like we’re destitute, but after living in poverty for so much of my early life…it’s nice to feel secure knowing you have a little something to fall back on! Still….less than 2 months until our home is OURS and we can be completely 100% debt free!! YAY!

Need to put more wood on the fire and unload the dishwasher, then I’ll be back for MenuMonday! 😀


One Response to “Checking in….”

  1. Lisa Says:

    So happy for you! How exciting to be paying off your house! Don’t worry so much about the emergency fund–you will get it back up to six months soon. And, with a paid for house, the emergency fund won’t have to be as large!

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