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Cleaning…. January 28, 2009

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The BIGGEST responsibility in my life is God. First and foremost, my relationship with him is important. Then is my relationship with my husband. My children are third in my life. After that – it’s obviously my HOME. That’s the way I feel.  Since it’s just a BIG responsibility and a charge to me to be a “keeper at home,”  there are many duties that fall on my shoulders. My husband helps, don’t get me wrong, but that’s the exception and not the rule. A well-ordered home just sets the stage.  I’m not in any way saying that a clean home makes your life happy – many women aren’t at all.  But for me, knowing that I’ve taken care of that responsibility allows me to focus on the other main attractions – family. 🙂


With that said, I thought I’d share my “routine” if you will.  This is what I’ve implemented in the last month or so, and it is really working and working WELL! I’ve always struggled with cleaning – my mom always taught me to just clean “when it needed it.” For me though, I found myself having to devote hours at one time to clean everything – because everything often gets dirty at the same rate.


Here’s what I do:

Monday – home blessing

Tuesday – Master Bedroom

Wednesday – Kitchen, Laundry & Ironing

Thursday – Boys bedrooms & Living

Friday – car, finances & outside work


To be more detailed:

Home Blessing

All laundry must be completed today!

Clean and disinfect both bathrooms

Sweep out both bathrooms

Everything in its proper place in the kitchen

Wipe down kitchen appliances

Fridge top to bottom

Stove top cleaner

Microwave inside and out

Clean and disinfect Kitchen counters


Booster seats

Water Plants

Sweep and mop kitchen

Everything in its proper place in the living room

Polish furniture and mantle

Everything in proper place master bedroom

Everything in proper place boys’ rooms

Vacuum entire house

All laundry put away!

 Tuesday: – boy’s  Bath Night

Master Bedroom Basic


_Dust gun Cabinet

_Windex Mirror on Dresser

_Dust Dresser

_Clean Window and Sill

_Dust Bedside Table

_Dust Headboard

_Organize Books

_Dust windowsill



Week 1

_Wash comforter and shams

_Wash Mattress pad

_Change Sheets


Week 2

_Organize all drawers

_Organize Bedside Tables


Week 3

_Vacuum under dresser

_Vacuum under bed

_Vacuum all cracks and corners

_Change Sheets


Week 4

_Organize Closet

_Wipe down wall and doors

_Organize Master Bath


Laundry  & Ironing – start to finish!

Kitchen/Dining Room


_Wipe down all Counters


_Chair Seats




Week 1

_Detailed Table Clean

_Big Bay Window

_Dust outside of Cabinets



Week 2

_Wash Rugs


_Detail appliances






Week 3

_Trash Can

_Organize inside cabinets

_Organize pantry

_Big Bay Window


Week 4

_Phone Area

_Wall Prints



Thursday: Ryan’s Bath Night


Living Room

_Dust all furniture

_Windex back door and window

_Dust Hutch


_Organize books to put away


Week 1

_Dust all furniture

_Dust pictures on wall

_Dust lamps and bases

_Wipe wall prints

_Vacuum cracks and corners


Week 2

_Vacuum upholstery

_Fluff throw pillows

_Wash Rugs



Week 3

_Organize Computer Desk

_Organize Bookshelf

_Organize Train Table


Week 4

_Mop Hall floor

_Wipe down front door

_Coat Closet

_Clean Inside Hutch



Boys’ Rooms





Week 1


_Mattress Pad

_Under Bed

_Dust Shelves


Week 2

_Vacuum Cracks and Corners

_Wipe Down Door

_Wall Prints

_Go through Toy Box


Week 3

_Organize Bathroom

_Organize Closet



Week 4

_Organize Drawer

_Sort out too small clothing




 (Car & Laundry Room)


_Clean Car

_Wipe down Washer and Dryer

_Pay Bills & Balance Checkbook

_Wipe Down Freezer

_Swiffer Bathrooms & Swish Toilets


Week 1

_Organize Laundry Cabinets


Week 2

_Vacuum Heating/Cooling Vent


Week 3

_Sweep and Mop


Week 4

_Vacuum out car


Saturday & Sunday


_Plan Meals for next week

_Clip Coupons from previous week

_Plan trips for next week

_Both boys baths

_Place Clothes out for church


This is what works for me! 😀 Staying on top of these things mean that I never really have to “spring clean” and my home is pretty well taken care of. Make a schedule and stick as much to it as you can – sometimes you can’t and that’s ok.


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