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I LOVE PUBLIX! January 26, 2009

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Bless the Lord I just had the BEST trip at Publix!! 😀 Here’s what I got:


4 Huggies Body Wash – reg 3.29 each
Huggies Wipes $2.99
Huggies SUPER box of diapers – $21.99
6 Dole fruit cups – $2.27 each bogo
2 Kleenex’s $1.69
2 Pam professional sprays 3.89
4 Hall’s Cough drops $1.99
2 A-1 sauces $4.19 e
2 Hormel pepperonni’s $1.99
12 Rotel Tomatoes $.99
Beechnut Baby food $.60
Crest tp $4.09
Paper towels $1.33

Jolly Time Popcorn

ok..are you ready? Here’s the coupons I used:

-$.50 popcorn doubled
-$.50 Halls cough drops x 3
-$3/2 Huggies Wash Publix Coupon
-$.75/2 Dole fruit x 3
-$1/2 x 6 Rotel Publix Q’s
-$3.99 vocalpoint Crest tp
$.01 penny coupon
Savealot $3/$10 competitor coupon
-$1/2 Klennex Publix Q
-$1 x 2 Pam Spray Publix Q
-$2.99 Huggies Wipes wyb dipe Publix baby q
-$2.50 Huggies bath publix baby
-$1 a-1 x 2
-$1 a-1 Kroger competitor
-$20 Huggies Diapers from manu coupon
$.35 Hormel x 2
-$.60 beechnut free savealot competitor coupon
-$3 Publix Huggies (I wouldn’t used this but she had it behind the counter and gave it to me without me asking or knowing until after!)
-$.50 Manu huggies wipes coupon

Now for the numbers….
Total before Coupons: $108.54
Total AFTER coupons: $14.88 plus $5.23 tax for a total of $20.11!
Savings: $88.43 off sale prices, or 81%

BUT…wait….I also bought $35 worth of Kimberly Clark products, so if I am one of the first 2K (who knows!) I get a $10 Gift CARD!! 😀 So total oop will be $10.11 so a final savings of….91%!!!!!


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