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Kroger….. January 23, 2009

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My “Big shop” of the month was nothing special so I didn’t put it up. I did a LOT of shopping yesterday – returned some things to Kohl’s, returned some Christmas gifts to Target, returned some Christmas gifts to Wlamart. Also went and bought potatoes for the month ($10 for a 50lb box) and then went into CVS. I had ECB’s from the Christmas freebies that were expired actually. They expired on Wednesday and I didn’t know it. The manager kindly let me use them anyway. 🙂 I bought 8 12pks of Pepsi brands and a thing of bubble gum. I ended up paying $2 oop and got back $10.50 ECB’s! Plus I got a free CVS cough drops and several other coupons. 🙂

I also went to Kroger last night to take advantage of the Free Steamers – but they were out. They said they’d be back in stock today – so last night I bought 4 Tombstone pizzas ($2.99 each) and 6 cans of Rotel. I didn’t have the Rotel coupons, but I did get all that for $14 after the $5 mega sale deal.

Went back this morning and bought 20 steamers and a pair of pantyhose for $3.71 – saved 46.09 🙂

Ran into my local owned grocery and got 9 meals of pork chops, a family pack of ground chuck, a hillshire farms big pack of lunch meat and a drink for $32. Pork loin was on sale for $2/lb, Ground Chuck for $1.69, the lunch meat on sale for $1 mark down – and then I got a big family pack of pork chops with bone for $1.89/lb. We were OUT of pork chops so I have been looking for a sale – last week Kroger had their tenderloin for $1.98 but they are TINY and I like bigger chops. 🙂

I’ll have to total up what I’ve spent this month – but I’m running cash only and I still have plenty 🙂


4 Responses to “Kroger…..”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Okay, I have to ask….where did you find such a big box of potatoes for that price?? I would love to know if I can find a deal like that!

    • handfulofquietness Says:

      I get them from a local produce supply company. They supply Steak restuarants around here and they can only give them the potatoes that weigh so many ounces. Anything bigger or smaller they box up and sell as “re-runs” or Quality potatoes. It’s a 50lb box, and they have ranged in the last year from $8 at the beginning to $30 in the middle to now $10. 🙂 IT’s a FABULOUS money saver as we go through a box a month! In my Kroger prices ($4/10lb) it saves a ton!

  2. where did you find such a big box of potatoes for that price?? I would love to know if I can find a deal like that!

    • handfulofquietness Says:

      i get them at a produce supplier – they grade potatoes and these are the “lowest” grade. That doesn’t mean they’re low quality however – they’re just too big or too large for the purpose they’re bought for. These particular ones would have been used for SteakOut but they were too large. 🙂

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