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January 12, 2009

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I honestly haven’t been doing much shopping these days…I did buy a few things at Walmart this past week, I fixed a lasagna supper for our pastor, his wife & children, and the evangelist & his wife as we were in revival this week. I LOVED it – but I have to admit I’m thankfully we’ll be at HOME tonight!!! 5 nights of being away all evening leave a body tired!!!

Anyway, I’m trying to keep up with my budget even better this year!! I put a few things on ebay – all have sold, and while some flopped, some did well. Tempted to put more up, we’ll see. I may just take all that I can to the local kids consignment sale so that I don’t have to to go through the pain of pictures, listing, shipping, post office runs and etc. It’d be nice too to get these thigns out of my house pronto! I want an organized home!!

We’ve also been sick here – I personally yesterday had 3 stys on one eye, plus a horrible cold – this morning it’s settled into my chest. YUCKO!

No couponing much, other than cutting them out. This week I’ll get them all filed. Trying to decide if I want to attempt Publix today – need to see what they have.:)

All in all…much change is in the air here in our household…more on that later. 🙂


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  1. tnearthmama Says:

    Hey mama, I am doing the same thing as in decluttering and hardly couponing! It does feel great though that my stock pile is large enough to live off of for a few weeks.. I am going to Publix tomorrow… there are some good things on sale this week! 🙂

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