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Christmas 2008! December 27, 2008

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We had a fabulous Christmas!! 😀 We stuck to our budget of $350 with $30 to spare! I love that feeling! DS1 got soooo many things – but we did the good thing and went through his old stuff – I’m donating a whole car load of clothes (4 trash bags of my old things in sizes from 10-24), boxes of toys and books, and a few ride on toys. We’re simply way too blessed with all these new things!

We have yet another family Christmas today – thankfully it’ll be small on the gifts side. I’m catching up on laundry, coupons, dishes and things. I plan a Kroger trip today to use up the last of my 80! Fleishmanns coupons and 47 cottonelles! I’m planning on using the free $80 worth of groceries from the yeast to stock up on cheese, ketchup, lunch meats and other things that I usually don’t get free, padding the freezer for the months to come. This is what I do with catalinas – stock up on things that we go through fast to lower the grocery bill.

I will post in the next few days hopefully about DH asking me to redo my entire wardrobe – which I’m slowly doing, frugally!! 😀 Check back soon for that!


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