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Another Penny Publix December 22, 2008

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4 Bisquicks $3.19 bogo
8 Success Rice $1.49 each
4 Campbells Soups $.75 each
2 Hormel Bacons $5.00/2
5 Revlon emery board compacts $1.69 each
2 Revlon Emery boards $1.89

(4) -$.60 Bisquicks
(8) -$.50 Success Rice, doubled
(7) -$2 Revlon Q’s
-$.40/4 Cambells, doubled
Penny item Q, making the juice $.01

Total OOP: $16.07
Total Savings: $40.74 or 72% 😀

All revlons were free with overage, so I had $1.77 worth of overage from them. Though the rice wasn’t on “sale” my coupons were only good till the first week of January and I wanted to go ahead and get it for $.49 per box now. Add in the overage and the rice was uber cheap. Next year finds us needing to follow the budget *that* much closer, so I’m taking advantage of sales as I can to stock up heavily.

My 47 ebay free toilet paper coupons came today! I will now be able to get 188 rolls of tp for $15 after the cost of the coupons & tax.

I’m also waiting on my fleishmanns yeast coupons that I bought last night so that I can go and get in on that before it ends at the end of the year – I bought 80 coupons for $6 and will get back 80 $.50 catalinas that double to $80 worth of free groceries!! 😀 Talk about return!


One Response to “Another Penny Publix”

  1. Jules Says:

    i wish we could have something like this. where i live, coupons are not very popular.

    nice blog. happy holidays 🙂

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