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Publix December 20, 2008

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20 pounds of sugar – $1.99 each 5’lb
8 boxes of ziploc $1.99 each
2 saran wraps $4/2
2 mt olive pickles $2.79 bogo
1 birdseye veggies $
4 revlon clippers$1.49 each
1 a&d ointment $4.99
6 muir glen tomato sauces $.85 each
2 delmonte veggies $1.29 bogo
1 motts applesauce pack $1.89
4 mento gums
1 ham $6.40

used coupons:
FREE A&D manu coupon
$2 Publix A&D coupon OVERAGE
$1 Target A&D coupon OVERAGE!
-$.50 mt olive that doubled
-$.50 mt olive that doubled
(4) -$2 revlon publix ($.51 overage each!)
(2) -$5 Publix wyb 5 products
(4) -$1/2 ziploc
-$.55 mento
-$.55/2 mento
-$.50/2 domino
-$.35 birdeye that doubled
(3) -$.75 muir glen
(3) -$1 muir glen ($.15 overage each!)

Total w/o coupons was $82.71
Total after coupons was $24.91
Savings of $57.80 or 70%! 😀

I got the ziplocs and saran for a total of 5.92! The overage on everything else I used toward the sugar, which was a NEED and I didn’t have coupons for except one. 🙂 YAY 😀


One Response to “Publix”

  1. That’s a great price on the ham! If your butcher will slice it for you, you can have it as steaks. We stretch ham that way (and Smithfield ham is very tasty!). You can put a little brown sugar and/or honey on your ham when you fry it up. When hams are really inexpensive like that, i try to get 2 or three and have them sliced. Then I freeze the steaks and pull them out for breakfasts or quick dinners.

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