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Publix 12/14/08 December 14, 2008

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My month for Groceries begins on the 14th of the month due to the way we’re paid and all. I haven’t been couponing that much due to the new baby and all, but this month I need to get back in the game, so here we go!!!! 😀

Again, Budget for Groceries is set at $300 for a four week period.

30 total tubs, little tubs were 2 per pkg of Country Crock butter spread – $1.95 each BOGO
10 cans progresso soups $1.25 each
4 2 liters publix brand cola – $.50 each
2 pkgs nursing pads, $4.47 each
1 beechnut cereal $1.79

20 -.35/1 country crock coupons, doubled
– free beechnut baby club
– bogo nursing pad baby club
2 -$2/4 progresso
2 -$1.10 progresso

Total oop: $21.32
Total saved: $59.82 74% 😀


2 Responses to “Publix 12/14/08”

  1. Alana Jo Says:

    Great job, but dang thats alot of butter. Do you freeze it or what?

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