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Publix & Kroger November 22, 2008

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It’s been literally WEEKS since I got to coupon. Since most of my coupons were expired, I’ve had to start fresh, so these are NOT the best of deals. Still…I did the best I could, all things considered. It’s ok that I spent a little more than I usually did…I still spent way less than many people!



20 boxes WL cornbread mix $.99/2 so $9.90 worth ($.10 moneymaker!)

20 pouches blueberry muffin mix $4/5 so $16 worth ( $4.90 for all after q’s)

2 Glass Plus Cleaners $2.49 BOGO ($.49 after q’s)

8 Crisco Oils $4.39 BOGO ($1.74 each after q’s)

2 boxes Duncan Hines cake mix BOGO $1.59

2 Duncan Hines Frostings $3/2

2 boxes AuGratin Potatoes $1.59 ($.19/2 after q)

2 boxes Domino brown Sugar $.69 each ($.38 for both)

2 Publix brand Oreos

2 Mt Olive Pickles BOGO $2.79 ($1.79 after q)

4 pckgs Pepperidge Farm Stuffings $4/2

Publix Hand Sanitizer $1.79 (free after q)

Publix Cocoa Butter $3.79 (free after q)

Publix Alcohol $1.17 (free after q)

Publix baby Gas drops $7.99

subtotal of:132.21

used 4 $5 off 10 coupons for mixes

-$.55/2 WL muffin mix

-$.55/2 WL muffin mix

-$3.79 cocoa butter

-$1.17 alcohol

-$1.19 hand sanitizer

$.35 BC potato (doubled to $.70)

$.35 BC potato (doubled to $.70)

*8* $.45/1 Crisco oil coupons – these doubled to $.90

*2* $.75 Duncan Hines

*2* $1 Glass Plus Coupons

SAVINGS of 78.54 – OOP $49.88 after tax!


2 bags baked lays $2.99 each

4 marked down 1/2 gallons WW oj $1.19 each

1 gallon OJ $2.99

1 4pk Cottonelle $.99

Keebler Crust $1.59

1 pkg Huggies $9.99

Sour Cream $1

Cheese $1.67

Crisco $4.99

BC Frosting $1.50

Salt $.35

2 blocks cream cheese $1/1

Chocolate Bark $2.49

Stovetop $1

Syrup $2.09

Tuna x4 $.68

Cookie Mix $2

Stovetop personals $1 x4

Rice x2 $1.25

marked down slaw mix $.89


used 2 bogo stove tops

-$.50 bc cookie that doubled

-$.50 cfire bc cookie

-$.50 bc frosting shortcuts

-$.50 bc frosting that doubled

-$.25 cottonelle that doubled

-$.50 cfire cottonelle

-$1.50 Huggies

-$1.50 cellfire Huggies

$.45 crisco that doubled

SAVINGS of 16.76 – oop $50.04

TOTAL SPENDING: $99.92, savings of 95.30, so 48%!


I did run into a few small problems at Publix – the manager checked me out and she read the fine print on Each coupon and she told me the coupons for the muffin mixes were supposed to be one per customer. I said “I didn’t know – there’s a whole stack out for you to take what you want!” She allowed me to do the 4 coupons on one order – the coupon actually says one per purchase, so I offered to do four transactions. She printed out the receipt and had to circle EVERY item I purchased with a coupon, so it took FOREVER. Then at the end she got to the baby club coupons and she said “you didn’t buy the cocoa butter or alcohol!” I knew I had – but a Publix employee emptied my cart since I was holding Ethan in my arms, and he didn’t actually pull out several things from the cart! I was so frusterated – thankfully the lady who was bagging my groceries for me was the checker that was from my infamous trip with all the potatoes and the cursing angry man behind me. 🙂 She remembered me too – she said “ah, you with your coupons…does my heart good! Where have you been!!!” It was nice. 🙂 Glad my shopping is OVER for the week though – going out with an infant is so much harder! I had to nurse today in the bathroom – and I took my cart in there with me. You probably aren’t supposed to, but I would’ve had to get my binder, purse & go in there, where there are NO seats other than the toilet, plus that would’ve left my carseat in the cart as well, so whatever!

As for other thrifty adventures, we’re heating with wood some – love our fireplace! I have taco soup made with leftover beans from earlier in the week in the crockpot, leftover cornbread from earlier this week to go with it. Tonight we’re eating hot dogs with leftover chili from a $1 menu trip to Wendy’s ($5 for Ryan & I plus the chili for tonight!) and potatoes, so that takes care of that! Tim’s work gave him a Honeysuckle turkey for Thanksgiving, it quickly went into the freezer! Between the free turkey, cheap stuffing, free Betty Crocker potatoes & $.39 green beans later this year we can have a CHEAP meal! I love couponing!


Tim tore out my craft hallway last night – it’s going to be my laundry instead! No more going out in the cold to do laundry!! YAY! 🙂 My house though is a NIGHTMARE – I was very weak and tired yesterday so that coupled with things from the craft room everywhere – sheesh I need to reclaim my home! that’s my plan for the afternoon!! 😀


2 Responses to “Publix & Kroger”

  1. Alana Says:

    Not bad, not bad at all!!

  2. Kim Says:

    I think you did great. I have also found that Publix is really studying the coupons and there’s an added attitude about the whole process. I actually had a CS representative bagging my groceries Friday. I used a rain check she had written. (I asked to purchase 2, get 2 free – I am VERY SPECIFIC when I ask – and she wrote it up as 2.) When the cashier saw four items to ring up, she questioned it and the CS representative said I had “probably just asked for two….but it was not big deal.” Agggr!

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