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Life is good… November 16, 2008

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You know those really expensive but really nice shirts that have all the cute little figures on the front…saying “life is good?”


I need a shirt like that. I want a shirt, a bumper sticker, a bag, a banner, a billboard. Because life is soooo good. Why me? I don’t deserve this….I don’t understand but I’m thankful.


Today was a day of catch-up. With being down and having three other women coming in daily and doing laundry, dishes, food preparation, etc. Things are really out of place, as you can imagine. I’m grateful for the help, but good gracious I can’t find anything! I cleaned out the fridge, pantry, under the sink & the hallway to the outdoors. Things had piled up a little. I wasn’t going to do laundry today, but this morning my sweet bigger boy puked all over our sheets, so I did 2 loads as well. I got all my coupons straightened out, refiled, and went grocery shopping!!


I transferred my prescription to CVS for a $25 GC, used some free print coupons there to come away with three collages & 10 prints for free, then we ate a cheap lunch at Burger King. We then went to Kroger – obviously with being out of the loop for 6 weeks I didn’t have any of the coupons, nor did I really have a “plan” per se other than to get the things we absolutely needed. I did get a few deals…

3 bottles French’s Worcestershire Sauce –free

8 Evaporated Milks – free

2 boxes fruit snacks – $.50 each

I also had some coupons that Kroger sent for $2.50 off a poultry purchase, so I did buy a turkey for the freezer. We eat T’giving day dinner at my IL’s, so I typically buy 2 turkeys around this time of the year to pull out in the Spring when we’re not turkey’d out. I got a Honeysuckle, the only $.79 turkeys that they had were literally 25 pounds or more, and I neither have a pan nor a desire to have that big of one, so I went for a 9.5 Honeysuckle turkey. It was $.99 per pound, so 9.43 minus the $.50 so $6.93 for turkey. Not bad. I also had a $1 off fruit purchase, and a FREE Ritz crackers coupon. They also sent me a $1 off 2 Ritz coupons, so I combined those for 2 boxes of Ritz for $1.75. I saved 38% or 50.43 off and spent $100.28 for grocerys. Not bad all things considering – I haven’t set foot in a store since the first week of October!!! We’ve lived off the stockpile, and we spent all but a few dollars last month eating out and also giving extra (we didn’t eat out but twice or so a week) to our family to help pay for the gas they were using coming and helping us so much, not to mention the 3/4 times per week I had to go the doctor’s office, and I couldn’t drive. No extra money was spent. Thank the Lord!


So now…..all that I did today and it feels so good. My incision is doing well, I didn’t have to have staples, I’m glued. Seriously – they glued me together!!!! I am not taking much medication – I took motrin this morning, and I did take one other pain pill this afternoon, though I usually only take two doses of Motrin during the day, and one pain pill at night since I am up and down so much and pulling the incision at night. 


I fixed Chicken Stir-fry tonight – my very first meal that I’ve cooked in almost 6 weeks. Felt strange, for sure!!!


Ethan has been sleeping a little better – I got 3 hours in a stretch the last two nights, so I’m doing well.  I drank soooo much milk in the hospital (literally over a gallon) and I wonder if that caused him a little discomfort – I laid off the milk the last few days and he’s doing better, so I wonder if that’s a connection!


Now I’m sitting here, nursing the wee-one, DH & bigger boy are out in the garage (though it’s chilly) working on something, a roaring fire is going behind me, and Alabama football is on the radio. I’m not a true die-hard gotta be there fan, but I do love Alabama football. I have to listen, as they have had such a good season. We’re a tv-free household though, so radio only for me. It brings back so many memories – Eli Gold has always been a part of our falls!


So yes…life is good! I cannot say thank you enough – Wonderful husband, two sweet healthy children, a warm cozy (almost paid for) home, paid for vehicles, my health & strength, bulging freezer & stockpile…what more could I ask for!


Oh, and of course I feel a little joy that I’m down twenty-two pounds!! I’m in mostly all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, I only gained 9 pounds to begin with, but it feels so nice!


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