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October 11, 2008

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I didn’t shop hardly at ALL this week!!! I did go Thursday and picked up those things in my last post – the only couponing I’ve done is:

Target has the jumbo packs of Huggies on sale for $18.99, buy 2 get a $5 GC.  I have had 3 $20 vouchers for Huggies for months – it was due to a defective pack of diapers and I have held onto them waiting for a good deal. I figured since I really needed to pick up more small size diapers (all my stockpile is size 3+) I needed to go ahead and pounce. I bought two packs along with the other items at Target, she took off the full $40 amount, plus I got a $5 GC. I also bought 15 buddies soaps there with coupons – I got overage for all 5 $3 coupons I used, the soaps were $.94 each, which is the cheapest I’ve found anywhere – they’re $.99 at our local walmart.  So in that trip alone, I did save $56 with coupons.

Family reunion is today – hopefully I can get a good family picture, hopefully my last good family picture pregnant! I’m 35 weeks this week, and I’m having hard contractions 5 or 6 times a day – irregular, but I just really really feel impressed that this baby is coming early.

Which is why I spent all day yesterday cleaning – I did fall clean and my house is spotless!! It’s a good feeling – my hips hurt so bad last night, but my baseboards, fans, floors, counters and walls are all good and clean. 🙂 Ethan’s nursery isn’t totally finished, but it’s just decorative thigns I can finish asap. That’s on the agenda for next week. I go to the doctor Monday morning, he’ll probably do an internal because of all the contractions, hopefully I’ll see at least a little progress!! I really don’t want to deliver on the scheduled date (11/21) because it’s so close to Thanksgiving. My dr. requires you to stay in the hospital for at least 72 hours from delivery, they scheduled me for 12pm on that Friday, which would put me getting out Monday evening if all goes well, that’s two days before Thanksgiving and I cannot miss my MIL’s cooking!!! It’s seriously the BEST day of the year for me – it’s the holiday of my dreams. She tried to fix the meal for me when I was so sick in my pregnancy early on, trying to get me to eat (back when I was basically in starvation mode) and I couldn’t eat it at all and I sat and cried and cried, so I’m determined to get me some good ole FOOD this year!!! Besides, after the first of the year – I’m back on WW again if possible, I have determined in my heart that I am going to finally be the person I have fought inside for so long.


Also keeping me busy is my brain – I’m having to make some very very hard decisions right now….ones that have to be made before Ethan is born. Please pray God gives me direction and help in this decision – it’s not even one I can talk to my DH about because he’s already given me his thoughts and views and I have to face the situation in my heart alone.


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  1. Alana Says:

    Good deal on the diapers/buddies.

    Have fun at your reunion, and girl, get some rest!

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