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Coming Home outfit…. October 9, 2008

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I’ve had to take some time off to work on my list of things I need to get done before my second child arrives.  One of the things on the list was to buy Ethan his very own coming home outfit. Most of his clothes are going to be hand-me-downs from Ryan, but I had it in my head/heart that I wanted Ryan to have his VERY own outfit that Ryan had never worn for him to come home from the hospital in. This might be either what he wears from there or also what he wears to church for the first time.  I adore Gymboree clothes, but I know that they’re crazy expensive full price.


Running errands today I stopped by the local consignment sale that closes Saturday. Today things were 25% off.  I found the following items that all coordinated – all together priced for $14 – so $10.50 for it all!!! It’s an older line, which of course makes it worth more, i found out!! I looked it up on Ebay and for all but the hat on Ebay alone is selling for $50!!


Love it! 😀


I also bought Ryan some blanket sleepers – he needed them and I didn’t want to buy them new, so I found them there, it was $10 for 6 of them! Love it. I did have to spend a little more than we had in the budget this month (no problem, we had extra budgeted in savings for the few things I knew I needed for the baby!) by buying some things I needed. I picked up some nursing bras, tanks and several other needed items. That will help me feel less overhwemled!! I’m working through the list so that I can finally breathe again!


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