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Kroger again….. October 2, 2008

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This trip today was such a blessing. I needed to fill a prescription – suffice to say the last 2 days have been absolutely horrid healthwise. I do not have our new insurance cards, and the price for this rx was $102 w/o insurance!!! I had to call HR and get our info over the phone, and thankfully that allowed me to get the rx for $10. Unfortunately, the medication is making me very very ill, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be around. Please keep me in your thoughts!!


Anyway, as I was waiting for it to be filled, I slowly tooled around Kroger. I had my $34 from the other day in catalinas. I was going to save it for stocking up on simply flour, sugar, etc – but anyway, this is what I did:


Transaction 1:

24 more glades!!!! $1.79 each

12 BOGO coupons

used $24 cats from before, paid $.90 oop and received $48 back!!


Transaction 2

3 Johnsons soaps $1.09 each

3 Softsoaps $1 each, reg $1.99

3 blocks of cheese $5

6 underwood meat spreads $1.79 each sale for $1.19 each

2 margarines $.71 each

1 large can cream of mushroom $1.49

1 small can cream of chicken $.58

20 boxes Pillsbury brownie mix $2.09 sale for $1/box

40 pounds of chicken at $.449 per pound!

1 slab of ribs marked down to $6.69

1 pkg catfish marked down from $11.80 to $2.83!!!!

used 20 $.40 pillsbury which doubled to $.80 each, making the brownies $.20 per box!

used 6 underwood Q’s – $.50 which doubled so $.19 per can

used a $3/3 johnsons catalina

used 3 Softsoap Q’s $.35 doubled so $.30 per soap

used $54 in catalinas!!!

My TOTAL for this transaction was $.52!!! 😀 Then I received a $3/3 Johnson catalina as well. I still have $4 left in catalinas from Glade, AND i have coupons still to buy several more, I just didn’t want to wipe the shelf completely. This promo ends on 10/11 in my store, so I still have another week or so to finish it out. Then I’ll stock up on flour and such!! 😀 It was just tooooo good a deal to pass up! Wheeeee!!!


Also did CVS – I was very dissapointed in my CVS this week. they were out of the toothpaste that I could’ve got free, I took the last two patches, and eh…I don’t know, it just wasn’t love for me. I did however find that the Fusion GIFT packs give ECB’s back as well!!! More oop than I wanted for this transaction, but I racked up in ecb’s.


Tide: $3.98 – $1/1 Q

Fusion: $9.99 – $4 Q

Patches $5.99 each, no Q

used $5/25 Q

used $10 ecb

Total oop was $6.45, got back $16.98 in ECB’s


2 Responses to “Kroger again…..”

  1. I am speechless! wish we had a Kroger out this way…Awesome trip!

  2. Alana Says:

    Great day!!!!! You did fantastic!!

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