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Doctor’s Appt & Penny Monday!!! September 29, 2008

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I had my 33 week appointment this morning. It was fine – heartrate was good, blood pressure was good, weight was up 4 pounds! Now before you gasp, let me remind you that’s the FIRST WEIGHT GAIN I’ve shown!!! 😀 Not bad for being 8 months pregnant!!!! HAHA!

I am not feeling good though – I have a large infected boil under my arm. It’s about the size of a golf ball – even the doctor whistled at it. YEOUCH! It’s not letting me sleep and is throbbing non-stop. He gave me antibiotics and told me to try hot compresses. I’m doing it – but it’s really made my weekend awful!!! I’ve been up since about 2am because I couldn’t sleep it hurt so bad. Blech!


Getting up early though meant I headed out early! Ryan spent the night at my MIL’s house, so I was alone.

Totals for Monday:

Shelf: $48.75

OOP: $9.60

Savings of $39.15 or 80%!

I ran by Publix first:

2 bottles Lysol BOGO @ $3.19

2 boxes Ronzoni Pasta, BOGO @ $1.79

2 pkgs Dixie Napkins @ $1.50 each

Publix Penny Item – Peanut Butter $2.49

used Penny item Q -$2.48

used 2 $.50 Dixie Napkins doubled to $1

used 2 $1 Pasta Q’s

used 2 $.50 Lysol Coupons doubled to $1

Total oop was $2.48 after tax!! 😀 Savings of $14.42, or 85%.

They were out of all the other good deals, so I got rainchecks!


8 bottles Endust furniture polish – $2.64 each

used 8 $2 coupons

paid $7.00 oop after tax



2 Glade Warmers @ $1.79 each

Romance Novel $3.75

used BOGO Glade Q and $6 catalinas to pay $.12 oop and gained $4 catalinas back!



found a preemie sleeper – $4.99 with snowmen all over it!


Firehouse Subs

Splurged for my lunch, bought a sub & chips and got my $.12 novel and sat in the parking lot. It was my ME time!!! 😀


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