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Week in review….. September 27, 2008

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First off, I have hung out 6 loads out of 8 this week!!! GO ME! That’s a savings of almost $6 with the electric usage our poor dryer demands. I can’t hang out Ryan’s things, and I washed all of Ethans clothes this week, so both those loads did go through the dryer.

We ate out a little this week – all cash, of course. Ryan and I ate at Burger King on Tuesday, $4.32 off the $1 menu for us. Then we did order a pizza from Papa John’s last night – $8.43 total.  We’re eating at home for the rest of the week – I count Sundays in this week. 🙂


As for shopping, here’s my totals:

Shelf Price: $522.89 plus tax

Total OOP: $135.38!

Savings: $387.51 or 74.1%!


I ended up with:

2 8pks of Viva towels

8 Glade Flameless starter kits (gifts for xmas!)

8 Glade Warmer kits (again, gifts!)

1 gallon of Ice Cream

1 lb. carrots

1 can peanuts

1 box of Kleenex

4 pkgs of Cleanteam wipes

15 Johnson Buddy Soaps

1 pkg of size 1 diapers

6 boxes cereal

2 boxes shrimp

1 bag Tyson Chicken

1 bag precooked Sausage Patties

2 pks Gravy Mix

2 Pie Crusts

4 cans beans

1 4pk toilet paper

2 lbs pinto beans

1 gallon Oil

Condensed Milk

23 cans of Underwood Meat spread

2 cans peaches

Hershey Syrup

1 dozen eggs

1 head lettuce

2.02 lbs bananas

5 bottles shampoo

2 bottles Lysol

8 bottles Resolve Carpet cleaner

36 Condoms 😉


Cough Drops

2 Skirts

1 deoderant

8 tubs of butter

12 boxes fruit snacks

6 koolaids

2 evaporated milks

Chinet cups

2 fantastik cleaners

300 oz. bubbles

1 Thomas train for Christmas gift

Boilease ointment

1 large box of trash bags

4 cake mix’s

6 v8 splash juices

2 boxes Popcorn

6 bottles water

3 nail clippers

Grape Jelly

Sausage Balls


I missed a picture of last nights Kroger run, but here is everything else:

Not bad!! 😀 I simply ADORE this frugality way of life! I bought more this week than I usually do – but it was simply stockpiling at it’s best! 😀 

As for other spending, I did buy a pair of khaki pants for Ryan at $.49, and a pair of Ecco children’s shoes for resale at $1.91 – they retail at $72.95 and will be resold to pad the stockpile fund! 😀


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