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Kroger September 25, 2008

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Many times I hear from people who say that coupons just can’t save on the “normal” items you need. I was determined to prove wrong in most cases. I’m VERY lucky these days to have 3 grocery stores within 2 miles of me – Publix, Kroger & a local store. Then CVS is right there too, which is something I’ve never had – I used to live 30 miles from ANY store, lol! So…I set out today with my “normal” shopping list – I didn’t get milk or hamburger/hot dog buns, because I have them in my scenario for another store where I can save more on them. 🙂 I got sour cream, dry beans, oil, frozen meal items and cereal – which are typically things I buy generics on b/c the coupons aren’t *that* great sometimes.  I ended up saving 80% on my order! Yes, I ended up with some things I usually don’t buy – like the flameless candles, but those are tucked back for gifts around christmas time, and they MADE me money!!! Getting the catalinas on those items made it easy peasy to turn around and save big on the other items that I might not have had direct coupons for! Here’s what I found…

Transaction 1:

6 Johnsons Buddies bars $1.09 each

4 Glade Flameless Candles $8.99 each

4 Glade Plug-Ins $1.79 each


2 BOGO Glade Plug-In’s

2 BOGO Glade Flameless

2 $5 off Glade Flameless Q’s

2 $3 off Johnsons bars

Total Shelf: $53.63

Total oop: $12.97

Received $27 in cats for our next order!


Transaction 2!

6 boxes Kroger brand cereal – $10/6, got immediate $4 off, making them $6/6

2 Kroger shrimps $4/2

Tyson Chicken $5.99

Sausage Patties $2.99

Gravy Mix $.89 each

Sour Cream $1

2 Pie Crusts $1.39 each

4 Kroger Kidney beans $.56 each

Cottonelle $.99

Pinto Beans $1.84

Veggie Oil $3.79

Condensed Milk $1.49

23 meat spread cans $1.19 each

2 cans peaches $1.31 each

Hershey syrup $1.58

Eggs $1.22

Lettuce $.99

Bananas $1.29

Coupons used:

$4 instant with cereal purchase

Cottonelle $1

23 Underwood $.50 q’s, doubled to $1, making them $.19 each!

Tyson $1 coupon

$24 catalinas from first order

Shelf Price: $136.08

OOP: $24.94 after tax!!!

Savings of $111.14 or 82%!!!!



TOTAL OOP: $37.91 plus I have a $3 cat left

TOTAL SAVINGS: $151.80 or 80%!!!


Now funny – I went to CVS too and walked out with NOTHING!!! They were out of Kleenex, Cleanteam & Viva!!! I’m going to have to hit up one more store this weekend to stock up on more paper towels!


2 Responses to “Kroger”

  1. Alana Says:

    Great trip. Dont u hate when CVS is out of what u need. I ran into that today was well.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Great Kroger Trip. Were the Buddies giving Catalinas? I do want to give feedback on the new look of the blog. The picture is a little hard to see (seems stretched) and it doesn’t allow you to click on it to see the picture bigger. I like to do that to see all the items better. Keep up the good work!

    YES they were giving Catalinas!! If you buy 3, after I paid and went to get my receipt it spit out a $3/3 off to me! You can then keep on rolling them to get free soaps! I have 30 coupons out of the paper so I really don’t *need* them, but hey why not! It doesn’t expire unil 12/31. Thanks for the feedback – my pictures weren’t showin up in the other, I’ll try to work on it today!

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