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Publix, Wags & a Kmart Doubles trip! September 23, 2008

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First off, this whole day shift thing is COOOL – but it’s weird. Hard after 6 years to revamp my brain, lol!


This morning I went to Kmart for doubles days. They are doubling coupons this week in my town from $2 and under. Sounds great…in theory. Then you get there and 99% of the things that would’ve been good deals were GONE! I did get some *good* deals, spent a little more oop than I wanted to, but oh well. I only spent cash, so I’m good.

Total Shelf: $232.31
TOTAL oop: $60.15
TOTAL savings: $172.16 or 74%!


8 Resolve Carpet Cleaners – reg $4.50

2 Clearanced skirts – $2.99 each, reg $24.99 each

Tylenol $3.99

3 12pks of condoms $5.99 each

3 Herbal Essence shampoos $5 each

2 Pert Shampoos $4.99 each

Sure Deoderant $2.29 each

2 Lysol Pourables $2.50 each

Halls cough drops $1.49


(8) $2 resolve, doubled to $4

Tylenol $2, doubled to 4

(3) $2 Durex Condom Q’s, doubled to $4 each

(2) $.50 Lysol coupons, doubled to $1 each

Hall’s store coupon, $.50 – did not double 😦

Sure Deo $1 coupon, doubled to $2

Total Shelf Price was:  $153.03 after tax

Total OOP: $33.12

Savings: $119.91or 78%! 😀



6 LOL Butters $1.75 each, bogo $.65/2 after Q
6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $2.59 each, bogo $.59/2 after Q’s
6 Koolaids $.25 each
2 Kraft Dressings $2.75 each FREE
2 Carnation Evap Milk $.77 each, $.54/2 after Q
3 J&J Buddy Bars $.99 each, free after Q
Chinet Tumblers $1.25, $.25 after Q
2 Fantastik Cleaners $2.99 each, bogo $.99/2 after Q
2 free kraft dressing q’s (-$2.75 each)
2 $1 Fantastik
6 LOL $.55 Q’s
6 BC Fruit snack $1/1 Q’s
$.50 Carnation doubled to $1
$3/3 Buddie Bar Q
$1 Publix Chinet Q
Total Shelf Price: $47.30 after tax
Total OOP: $9.56 after tax
Savings of:$37.74 or 80%! 🙂
Boil cream: $6.99 no q, need desperately
3 clearanced bubbles $1.50 each
Clearanced Thomas Train: $2.50
Hefty Trash Bags, clearanced from $8.99 to $3.19, used $1 q
Shelf: $31.98
OOP: $17.47
savings of $14.51 or 45%

2 Responses to “Publix, Wags & a Kmart Doubles trip!”

  1. Alana Says:

    I wish we had some of these stores. We do have a kmart but it sucks royally and def doesnt do double coupons.

  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    Yeah, can’t tell you the last time I went to kmart, lol! I found out Tuesday night that our store did that – there wasn’t a big fanfare, it was just a little box on the back of the flyer this week. It’s moving aroudn the country, so keep your eye out for it!

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