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Checking in…. September 19, 2008

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Yesterday was really busy – I left here and ran by the bank, Kroger, Target, tried to go to the produce shop, Insurance offices, school supply store and then back home. I HURT all over last night!


Kroger – Green Giant canned veggies are part of the promo too! Here’s what I did:

1st transaction:

15 cans of green beans at $.59 each (reg $1.29!!!) (rec’d $3 off order)

7 cans of pop marked down to $.10 each

1 box spaghetti marked down to $.39

2 Glade Warmers $1.79 each, had BOGO coupon

2 lunchables – $2.50

Total was $11.23, used $3 & $1.50 cat from last week, bringing total to $8.01 after tax, received $4 in cats from the Glade.

Transaction 2

15 cans green beans – $8.85 total, rc’d $3 off, so $5.85, used my $4 cats, paid $2.02 oop


Then at Target, I only found 4 bags of diapers there. The guy refused to discount them at all, I should’ve asked for the manager, but I was tired by this point….woulda shoulda.  I did end up getting 2 boxes of pullups – $22.98 marked on clearance for $11.48, had $2 coupons so $9.48 for a BIG box! Not the BEST value, but still…good for pullups, I thought. Picked up 3 things from the 75% Dollar Zone and checked out. 🙂


Went by Wags and they had nothing on clearance, I was too pooped to try to do much. We came home and DH woke up early, throwing a monkey wrench into my plans. After grilling out steaks for dinner, he left for work, and I loaded the truck for our trip to decorate for the luncheon.  We had to stop by Publix to get cups for the party, so I bought 4 Chinet glass looking tumbler sets and a bag of Dixie Napkins, total there was $1.96 after q’s. 🙂 the Chinets were $2.49/2 and I had $1/1 coupons, making them $.49 for two bags! 😀

Unfortunately as we left the store, I realized I’d locked my keys IN my truck. Tim has the only other key – and was at work , 45 miles away. 😦 Thankfully, my grandparents don’t live to far away and came over to give me a ride home, albiet without the decorations, since they were also locked IN the truck. I was rather frusterated…so sore and tired and had so much to do, and I wasn’t going to be able to. Papa put HIS car key in my truck and somehow someway the car UNLOCKED. He has a Buick, I have a Chevy, and it WORKED. I happily drove away, went straight to the church and did all the decorating and was home by 10 and asleep finally aorund 12:30.

I was up this morning by 4am, though – so I am exhausted today! We had to get car tags and pay our tax on our new car – $818 for the tags, taxes & renewal on the truck tag. OUCH!

We also got potatoes since I tried yesterday but couldn’t. See, the VP of the US – Dick Cheney was here yesterday for a fund-raiser, and they had all the streets blocked off going to the potato place. He toured some plant down there in the area. I understood the need for security, but was a little sad that that’s the way things went yesterday.  We buy 100 pounds of potatoes for $30 and split them three ways between my mom, grandma & I, so we pay $10 after tax for 34 pounds roughly. Not bad.

Also the tag satellite office is at the mall. I couldn’t resist running into Gymboree for a quick shop…oh wow! I found Ethan 3 pairs of pants, 2 onesies and a pair of socks. Then for Ryan – 2 onesies, matching pants & a heavy sweater. My price for all of it – $30 after tax & coupon, but my grandma was with me and paid part, so I actually paid only $20. After I got home and sorted through again, in my haste the sweater I paid $2.39 for is way to small for Ryan, when you account that he’ll not wear it for months here. So I looked it up – It’s selling good on Ebay for roughly $20!!!! I put it up for sale – if it sells for even $10-$15 I’ll make up the cost of the rest of the clothes!! woohoo!


Anyway, that’s my day so far – Ryan is down for his nap, Tim’s sleeping off the rough night, I’m going to pay bills and get a nap myself! Ry is spending the night at my parents house and Tim and I have a scheduled dinner out – Red Lobster!!! We’ve only been twice in the 4 years we’ve been married, due to the higher prices there, but we’re GOING tonight (with coupon, lol!) because we are celebrating his new job. 🙂 It’s budgeted for – and I’m hoping to get dessert! We splurge on a nice meal at our anniversary & birthday, so this is a TREAT!  We don’t drink at all, so I’m hoping to get out of there for under $30 for both of us. 🙂 He’ll get the all-you can eat shrimp, I’m going for popcorn shrimp only – I can’t eat enough to justify the all you can eat but oh Tim will!!! Sick that he can eat so much and still have a 36 inch waist! Wonder what dessert I should get……I’m so excited! It’s been months since we had a date night!


I’m rambling…so I’ll sign off – watch for more deal posts soon!


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