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September 18, 2008

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I’m going to be soo busy the next few days that I may not be back in here until this weekend!!!

Today I have to go to the insurance offices to switch over our car insurances, I’m planning on another trip to Target to see if I can find any discounted diapers this time, then I need to pick up all the odds and ends and get things straightened out for the annual ladies tea at church. I’m in charge this year, as always, but this is getting a little hairy!! I’ve left things very undone this year – for some reason I have no motivation. Lord help me. It’s Saturday morning and I have so much to do! Eek! I’m feeling very stressed over it – I have so much to do and I’m overwhelmed with all the other things going on in my life. 😦

Tim’s LAST NIGHT is tonight. PRAISE GOD! Seriously – there will be much rejoicing in our home in the morning when he gets home! I’m planning a steak dinner tonight – I wanted to clean the house from one end to the other today so that when he gets up he has a sparkling house and a fancy dinner (planning on pulling out all the good china & such tonight!) in appreciation for the 6 years of hard labor on a shift he’s hated from day one – all for our future. It humbles me to know that he’s done this for US – putting himself below us and deeming us so important that he’d do what he hates. Wow. Tears.


As for other plans – Tonight I’m decorating for the party, tomorrow we’re going out just the two of us for a celebration date night, Saturday is the party, Sunday is church 2 times, Monday his new job starts! EEK! So much going on!


Speaking of which…….I need to run!


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