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Oh BABY!!!! September 17, 2008

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So yeah, I’m kinda worried that I’m not more prepared for Ethan. Yesterday I went through and gathered all the totes of baby clothes and sorted them out by size – now I have to rewash all the 0-3 month stuff and I’ll carefully label and package away all the other items. I want to be ORGANIZED with Ethan!  I went today to Target, wanted to see what deals I could find! Well, I have to say over and over that I am SOOO Blessed! At, there was a woman who went to Target and several packages of Huggies didn’t match the count on the label, she scanned them and they rang up as “Item not found.” After talking to her manager, they said that they were part of a discontinued set from Huggies, and that they were technically supposed to be 75% off! She was passing the word – so at Target today I figured “hey, why not!” Seriously you guys – I don’t know WHY I keep getting these deals – I feel it’s my confirmation that we’re going to be ALRIGHT when it comes to dealing with less money, and that this job is the answer to our prayers. Everything has just gone RIGHT when it comes to shopping ever since he signed that buyout slip. Seriously.  It’s sooo strange.

I walked away with 4 packages of Huggies (scanned every package on the shelf with the help of  a Target employee, who got soooo excited that she was determined to get every package on that shelf that would scan wrong! Here’s what else I got:

4 packs of Huggies – regularly $18.99, marked down to $3.50 per PACKAGE, minus $1 Q’s so $2.50 oop!
8 boxes of Electrasol tablets – $2.79 reg price, minus 8 $2.25 coupons, so $.54 per box
3 Johnson’s Buddies Bars – $.99 each, minus $3 off 3 coupon, so technically free plus $.03 overage
A&D Ointment – $3.34 minus $3 coupon so $.34
Case-It binder for backup in case my binder breaks $12.96 marked on clearance to $3.24

Total before clearance & Q’s: $117.53
Total AFTER Q’s & Clearance & tax: $21.57
Minus $5 GC I got last week from buying 4 boxes of Kashi for $2 – $16.57 oop!!! 😀

I bought my CaseIt binder 15 days ago JUST LIKE THIS ONE at Target for $9, tried to get a price adjustment but I was one day late. 😦 Too sad! But I’m flying HIGH over this diaper deal! Sure, they’re in size 5 & 6, but hey, $.05 per diaper is just too good to pass up!!!

And hey, Tim’s LAST NIGHT at his old job is tomorrow night! woohoo!!!!


One Response to “Oh BABY!!!!”

  1. Nora Says:

    I was so excited to see this diaper deal that I ran over to our Target last night. I did find some diapers that didn’t scan right, but unfortunately the manager said they were NOT marked down – they were still 18.99. I tried again this morning with the regular day manager and still no luck. Oh well, I will keep trying and hope to get in on this too. Thanks for the heads up.

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