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Shopping September 15, 2008

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I went to CVS Saturday and did get just a few things – I left my ECB’s here at home (oh the HORROR!!!) and was devestated, there were some things I’d loved to have gotten!


I did walk away though with 5 pairs of flipflops (sister’s christmas gift!), a play ball, 5 things of laundry soap (clearanced at $1.74 each!) and all for $11 oop. I used my $2/10, didn’t have ecb’s, but that’s ok. I still had the money in the budget, so I’ll just use the ECB’s for milk or something else when needed.  I did stop by Kroger and get a couple of things too, not on the sale, but last minute items I needed for yesterday’s lunch with the IL’s. 


I’m planning now for a trip to Publix & CVS later tonight. That way I can sneak in a penny item at Publix, and see what awaits at CVS. I need to cut up my coupons and plan now, so away I go!


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