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Oh the craziness of a weekend! September 15, 2008

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Yesterday I had my in-laws over for lunch. We came home from church to find out that my beloved deep freezer is DEAD!!! I literally almost got sick – you guys know how much meat & veggies and even bread that should be in that freezer! I instantly called our church – we live 1 mile away and the fellowship building has 2 large freezers, so I filled up a cooler, 3 large large laundry baskets and 5 reusable bags and rushed over. Thankfully I didn’t lose ANYTHING!!! Amazing, no? I did get everything cleaned out – threw away some mystery meat from probably last spring, lol! It’s so easy to get things in the back of your freezer and then forget about them!

We rushed off to Lowe’s & Home Depot to see about getting a new freezer.  My washer is getting old, so I had a HD coupon for 10% off that I’d been saving, but HD didn’t have a very good selection, so we went to Lowe’s. They honored the 10% off coupon that I had for HD, so we ordered a new freezer! This is LARGER than my old one! We got free delivery after MIR, so I total walked out paying $592 for this gigantic sweetheart!


It has a door lock, door alarm, outside temperature control pad, etc! It’s frost free & an Energy Star Appliance!!! My old freezer was actually pea green from the 70’s, a freebie we’d gained last year! We put it on the CC that gains points for $25 GC’s to, which we’re saving up for Christmas. We’ll pay the card off when it comes, so no debt, just points toward Christmas & a yummy new toy for me!


One Response to “Oh the craziness of a weekend!”

  1. TOSHA Says:

    I’m lusting over your new freezer!

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