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Another Kroger Run… September 13, 2008

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My grandmother wanted to go to Kroger with me yesterday, and I realized that I had some great coupons to match the sales yesterday too. I also found out that it was double dip day – not only did you have the promo of $3 wyb 15 items, but also some of those items that were on that sale also were producing great catalinas too! So with my notebook and trusty binder, off we went!! 😀 It was fun!


I got:

4 boxes Betty Crocker fruit snacks – sale for $2 each

– $1 peelies for each, plus cellfire $.55 off when you buy 2, minus promo & catalina!

5 boxes Nature Valley Granola Bars – $sale $2.19 each

– $.50 Q’s that doubled for each, minus promo, plus catalina!

4 Fiber One Granola Bars

– $.50 Q’s that doubled for each, minus promo, plus catalina!

Old El Paso taco seasoning $.89 and OEP Taco Shells $1.25

– $1/2 & $1.10/2 cellfire coupon minus promo so I paid -.26 for these! MM!

3 Betty Crocker cookie mixes $1.79 each

– $.50 Q’s that doubled, plus promo, so I paid $.59 for these

1 4pk Cottonelle $.99

-$.50 Cellfire Q, minus promo so $.29 for this

4 Chicken Noodle Soups – $.59 each

-$.40/4 Q that doubled, minus promo so $.19 each

1 bag Goldfish $1.27

Minus promo and $.50 Goldfish Cellfire Coupon so .57

12 bags Chex Mix $2.59 each, BOGO & part of promo!

12 $.50 Q’s that doubled, plus bogo deal, plus promo so $1.14 for all 12!

Hillshire Farm Turkey – $.99 sale

– $.55 Q so $.44 per pack!

6 Green Giant boxed veggies $1.69 each

– promo & $.50/2 coupons that doubled plus $1 Cellfire Coupon, so  4.94, then $3 catalina, so $1.94 for 6!! $.32 each!

I earned 3 $3 discounts, paid $36.88 off the GC, then it spit out $12 catalinas to me!!!

Transaction 2!

3 Chex Mix bars $2.19 each

1 5lb bag Kroger Flour $1.97

2 BC Brownie Mixes $2

10 Green Giant Veggies $1.69 each

1 cookie mix $1.79

Same coupons as above, I just had to split this transaction b/c I had over 3 sets of 15 in the last. I applied the catalinas from last transaction onto this one, giving me a total of $7.50, then getting back another $3 in catalinas from the GG veggies!

Total for both transactions was $44.38, with $4.50 left on catalinas to spend. 🙂 Technically 39.88, and the shelf price for all items was $198.12 🙂 Savings of $158.24 or 79%!

I also worked up allllll the meat last night, I went to bed with hurting hips & puffy feet! Still though..I got a LOT of meat for uber cheap!

Now I’m completely stocked on bread, meat, snacks, juice, condiments other than ketchup, poptarts, hba supplies, cokes, frozen veggies, sheesh! I’m so excited! I really want to go to CVS today to finish out the weeks deals, but if I don’t get there, it’s not the end of the world…I’m feeling kinda pooped today. My grandmothers birthday luncheon is at Cracker barrel, so we’re going there, but other than that we’re kinda homestuck today. BTW, is anyone else effected by the gas thing? Almost all of our stations are CLOSED b/c they are OUT of gas, and the ones that are open are open with prices over $4 easily – my BIL called and he paid $4.69 last night for gas. A store close by has it for $5.29 per gallon. Just sooo insane – we’re in Alabama, by the way! Much prayers and love to those directly hit or affected by Ike!


2 Responses to “Another Kroger Run…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    What are cellfire Qs?

    Our gas prices have jump $0.60 in two days. We are in suburban Atlanta.

    Love your blog1

    Check mine out:


  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    CellFire Q’s are coupons that you load onto your Kroger card via – you can stack these with manufacturer coupons! They automatically come off your bill at the register as long as you scan your kroger card at the beginning of the transaction, not the end. 🙂 HTH!

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