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Just checking in… September 11, 2008

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I’ve not been shopping since Tuesday – Lots of other things are on the horizon right now dealing with all our car/job issues so I’m taking a day or two off.


Let me rephrase that, lol – I’m not going DEAL shopping. I rode along with my brother today while he looked for new dress shoes – Holy Cannoli I’m sooooooo glad to be married to the one I’m with. Tims dress shoes were $15 or so from the discount store, my sweet 15 year old brother today was adamant about looking at expensive places and I was SHOCKED at shoe prices!!! I mean…..$70 was the cheapest he was looking at! For a pair of SHOES!!!! *gasp*

I know that’s no doubt cheap in some circles, but I was so glad that I’m not even tempted by those. Now granted they had tons of CUTE women’s shoes, I was in heaven browsing, but I’m happy to say I spent nothing but our cell phone bill payment…$25 and lunch. 🙂 I was and still am craving popcorn shrimp. I did the Captain D’s $2.99 deal for my craving help…Go figure!


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