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Times they are a-changin…… September 8, 2008

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Up until now, I’ve been frugal and couponing…simply because it made sense to me. However, as my lovely post title says, times…they are a-changin. 🙂

First…quick background, my sweet hubby has worked 6 long years on nights. This is because in the area we lived in, there just weren’t good paying jobs! He finally got hired on at what was a WONDERFUL paying job – he makes around $26 per hour. Which is GREAT. We’re debt free but the house and our car is a lease, not because we didn’t have the cash, but because with him working for the company, the lease was and is a GREAT deal.  Honestly, living frugally has left us comfy, and we’ve got quite a chunk in savings and good equity in our home.

The job though has steadily gotten worse – physically and mentally, since it’s night shift. Anyway, it’s been tough, but we’ve just been waiting. Plus the area we lived in was sooooo small, there was nothing to do.

We moved to the city back in February, which is good b/c we’re around jobs! Dh’s company offered him $100,000 5 weeks ago to leave. He of course said YES – just not sure when he could leave, as September 12th is the deadline. You can sign up to leave now, or within 2 years. Last Thursday he got a JOB!! It’s 2.5 miles from home, DAY SHIFT and has great benefits. It only pays $10 per hour though. That’s the tough part. The GOOD thing is that they company has offered us our car for dirt cheap, and so we’re using the buyout money to pay off our house & car, so we’ll have everything completly paid for.

Still though….cost of living is crazy crazy! $10 per hour, it’s going to be much tighter around here. So…there’s a change happening. Working on the budget this morning…so I’ll be posting more about that! Anyway, it’ll definitely be different being frugal because I *need* to be, but thankfully I do have *some* experience being that way. 🙂


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