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Quick Publix Tip! September 6, 2008

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This week at Publix, there are endcaps with lots of products on them – like Gushers, granola bars, fruit snacks, Betty Crocker potatoes YUM and BC Hamburger Helper! They’re all on “sale” but the Hamburger helper is BOGO, and at my store $1.89 takes both! Here’s the fun part – ALL the ENDCAP only boxes have peelies on them for $1 off!!! If your store allows you to use a Q on both the item & the bogo item, you get both – FREE!!! My store allows overages, so not only did I get them FREE, I got $.11 OVERAGE!!! I bought 8 boxes, as you can see below. I’m not *thrilled* with HH mostly, just because I ate it sooo much growing up, but at being paid to eat it…I’ll keep it for a quick meal. They don’t expire until next August, and quite frankly if nothing else there are several families at church whom I know struggle financially, and Tim & I both love nothing more every once in a while to be grocery “fairies” to these people. 🙂 We do it that way because we don’t want the praise – I don’t allow them to know who it is, most of the time I give whatever to our pastor and he handles it – they never know who did it, but we get such a blessing from it. Not tooting our horn, just explaining that THAT’S why I sometimes do buy in such duplicates…..


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