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oop – NEGATIVE $10! September 4, 2008

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VS CvS Run today – very dissapointing in ways.  The flavorice weren’t marked down, they didn’t have Arnicare OR Dawn soap, which totally threw my scenarios off! I was sooooo pickled, then it dawned on me that I’d not eaten anything since last night, and this was almost 1pm!!! I quickly grabbed a candy bar & water, paid & ate quickly. Then I got through the transactions. I also found out that I bought the wrong coupons, I thought they were BOGO any sauve, they were ONLY body wash. I ended up getting a whooooole lot of body wash, but worked it to get some shampoo. Since I have two cards, I can do this a total of 10 times between dh’s card and my card (hey, I checked with CS at CVS and they said it was FINE to have 2!)

So…there’s what I got – I accidently used the wrong CVS card last week when I bought my tampons, so I didn’t get my $5 ecb I was expecting, so I took them back. Interestingly enough, my manager said when you use coupons like I do, when you return something, even w/o ecb’s on that item, you only get at maximum what you paid for the ENTIRE transaction, which was $1.32 in this case. He told me though he would key it in like I had no reciept, even told me next time to say no receipt? I ended up with a GC for $9.72, which wasn’t my choice, but the only thing he could do. 🙂

I happily went shopping… tons of Suave, 2 toothpastes, 3 Purex’s b/c I had no more coupons, a small clean & clear, two Covergirl things and a travel pk of tissue as a filler. Looking back I shouldn’t have had to do the tissue, so it skewed my .oop.

I used the gift card on ALL transactions – I still have $.65 left. So if you were really counting .oop it’d be $9.07 oop, but since it was from the gc, I say .oop was $1.32 since that is what was .oop on these. I went in with $7 ecb’s, walked out with $18.99 ecb’s!!! So technically – I made $10.67 on these transactions! YAY!

Transaction 1 & 2 – identical

4 suave shampoos $1.79 each – $7.16

Colgate $2.99


-$1.50 colgate IP

-2 $1/2 Suave Coupons

-$4 ecb

$.98 oop on gc

received $4 ecbs back

Transaction 3

3 bottles Purex laundry soap – reg and MARKED $5.99, scanned $2.99, 1 ecb back each

Clean & clear – $.99

-$2/$10, though I’m not sure HOW – weird! I thought it was over $10 but she must’ve pushed it on

-$.50/1 Purex coupons – used 3

$1 Clean & clear any size

Used $2 & $3 ecb’s

oop on gift card – .70

received $3 ecb’s back


Transactions 4, 5 & 6 – all identical

6 Suave Bodywashes @ $2 each – $12


– 3 BOGO Suaves – $6 off

-3 $1/2 Sauves – $3 off

1.80 oop on GC, received $4 ecb’s back

Last Transaction:

2 Covergirl Wetslicks $5.99 each

Pocket Tissue (thought I’d need a filler and didn’t want to have to call a manger for yet another void!) $.50

– $2/10

– BOGO CG coupon -$5.99

– $4 ecb’s

OOP on GC $1.01, received $5.99 ecbs back!

YAY 🙂 I don’t wear makeup period, but the CG coupon was the last one I had, and I knew it wouldn’t be that tradeable b/c of the CVS deal going off right now, so I said eh forget it – I’ll make the money and give the lipstuff away. I got the blue one, wonder if it’s blue or if it’s just a gloss? hmm…..

Total Value: $110.13, nothing oop b/c GC, made $10.67 ecb’s over what I used & rolled.


2 Responses to “oop – NEGATIVE $10!”

  1. lori Says:

    Would you mind sharing how you go about getting so many of the same coupons? Do you trade on hotcouponworld? If so, how do you know which ones to trade for? Seems to me that if I checked the sale ads and tried to trade immediately to get lg quantities of the same coupon (coordinating them with the sale), then they wouldn’t come in time to take advantage of the sale. Or they’d come at the end of the week & all the good items would not be in stock.
    Thanks so much!!!

  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    Sure! 😀 I am a member of & and they usually have ads up at least a week in advance. Because of this, I can see in advance what I need to be looking out for. I have traded on afullcup, but I otherwise buy through like ebay or something. Now today, I bought 7 extra papers, because they were INCREDIBLE coupons! I alone saved $108 today on my trips, using only coupons from TODAY’S paper! that was well worth it, espcially since I only bought a few things. 🙂 People ship fast, so like if I order on Ebay on wednesday, I get them by Friday, shop on Saturday, if they’re out of what I ened, I get a raincheck! HTH!

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