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Publix….9/1/08 September 1, 2008

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My sweet little 2 year old spent the night away from home last night for the very first time! YAY! This morning we took off for Publix – I took DH with me for his first real foray into couponing. He’s seen the receipts, but never actually went with me.

I went in expecting to spend around $25 and getting good deals – plus todays penny item. I forgot my penny Q at home though – oh the HORROR so I didn’t get to get it, but I did save $116.88!!!! Yes, I spent over my $25 thoughts, but some unexpected things were thrown in.  They had diapers on clearance, and if I an possibly buy diapers on the cheap with coupons, I’m hoping to stay away from FULL time cloth. I do have some cloth diapers, but DH is very adamant that I not do them full time, so to keep harmony in the home……I do my best.

Shelf Price: $180.28

Total out of pocket: $63.40

Store Savings (including store coupons): $73.76

Coupons: $43.12

Here’s a quick rundown:

2 Huggies size 1 packs – $6.50 per pack after q’s ( $.10/diaper)

publix brand size 1 – $6 on clearance, no q’s ($.07/diaper)

pampers cruisers 2 packs, $$7.99 per pack after clearance ($.11/diaper)

6 pkgs of Lenders bagels – $.245 per pkg after q’s

2 pkgs batteries – $3.99/2 clearance, had 2 $1 q’s

2 Lawry’s marinades – bogo, had $1/1 q’s, $.39 each

Franks – .99 x 3, had 3 $1 coupons

gallon of milk – $3.59

Tabasco – $.49 after q x 2

5 revlon tools – the 3 clippers were $1.49, with overage of $2 q’s I also got toenail clippers and tweezers free

2 Campbells soups: $1.29 for both

Mt. Olive pickle relish – $.19 for both

Popcorn – $.50 for 8 bags

6 Glade refill pkgs – these were the VALUE size and BOGO, I had BOGO coupons!  I thought they’d all be free but the way Publix does bogo stuff, I still ended up paying for these, so they will go back. I don’t need to pay $8.25 for them. 😉

She also missed a $2 coupon, which isn’t the END of the world, I have another, so I will get that back when I go back. So scratch the savings/spendings thing – I will get $10 back on this order.


2 Responses to “Publix….9/1/08”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice savings1 I am also really impressed with your Kroger run. Where do you score all your coupons?

  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    Some are internet printables, some are from my local paper, the ones that are BIG duplicates are from ebay. This run in particular was all my own though, no ebays. For instance, the diaper coupons for Pampers & Huggies were clipped from the paper, Revlon beauty tools were from Publix’s little flyer in store, Lender’s coupons were from the Publix flyer as well. I keep my eyes out for Q’s EVERYWHERE – in Publix they always have flyers around with coupons, or blinkies – the little things on the shelf that you pull coupons from.

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