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Kroger Shopping – my September grocery run! August 30, 2008

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This was my BIG grocery run for the month of September.  I will fill in with the free or nearly free coupon items in the next three weeks. But really…..this was such a good blessing!



Shelf Price: $402.38
Store Card savings: $74.21
Total Coupons: $236.21

Total .oop cost: $91.96

Detailed Pictures:

List of stuff for me…..

3 dozen eggs

15 loaves of bread

23 x 4 rolls toilet paper

8 bags of shredded cheese

10 pounds sausage

4 pounds bacon

10 pkgs hot dogs

3 pounds apples

head of lettuce

3 pounds oranges

3 pounds peaches

2 bags potato chips

3 boxes wheat thins

10 salad dressings

sour cream

ritz crackers

3 boxes brownie mix

4 vienna sausages

5 tuna cans

orange juice

2 large pkgs lunch meat

3 boxes crystal light

4 taco seasoning pouches

2 bbq sauces

3 mustards


65 packets of koolaid (.19 each)

I had Kraft free coupons for the dressing, hot dogs (along with $1/1 Q’s for each hot dog pkg), wheat thins, crystal light & $5 worth of produce (b/c I bought the dressings)

Q’s that doubled to make things free were the: toilet paper, mustard, and bread. I had coupons for everything I purchased but the cheese, viennas, tuna, brownie mix and chips.

I also did 2 cvs runs….stay tuned for those!


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