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$54.57 out of pocket! Wags Run August 29, 2008

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First I explain this – I have a fancy expensive digital camera. It doesn’t take videos. My video camera broke when DS was very small. I’ve always wanted another, especially with two boys, but I knew we didn’t need to spend the money.Until today….. I really wanted a little digital camera that could take video, that way if I keep it in my purse for those “wish I had a camera moments” it’d work as both.

Polaroid Camera – $129.99 priced, rang up at $65.99
Has $40 rebate for August
Used $10/$40 coupon
Total .oop: 60.47 after tax
Receiving $40 back though…..HIGH .oop at first, but I needed this, and WOW what a deal.

6 pkgs of diapers – $10.99 reg, $7.69 on clearance
4 Glade plug in warmers $4.79 each, BOGO sale
2 dove shampoos – BOGO Sale, $4.99 each
Pert 2 in 1, FAR August, $3.79
M&M’s for sick ds – $.75
-$5/2 diapers
-$5/2 diapers
-$5/2 diapers
-$2 dove
-$2 dove
-$2 pert (that she FORGOT to scan!)
-bogo glade (4.79)
-bogo glade (4.79) (so I got them all FREE, plus since you can double dip rebates today glades are $1 each rebate, so I made $4 on these!)

Total .oop: $41.89

They told me I couldn’t use the $10/$40 on this one too – I’d already used one. However, the cashier after the manager walked away told me to take the Q and the receipt by the other Wags and they’d give me my $10 back. I asked her to make SURE that the pretax total was $40, and she said yes…well guess what she forgot the pert coupon, and even still it was only $36.67 so now I don’t know what I’m going to do. IF I take the receipt and two coupons back in, will they let me buy $4 more of things and return everything to rebuy when I don’t have those coupons anymore? I know I have another pert, but not another of the others. ARG what to do!

So to sum it up, shelf price for everything was $230.35 and I paid .oop $102.36 and I have $47.79 coming back in rebates. Total .oop was $54.57!! Not too shabby for all that, I think.


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