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CVS on a quiet Wednesday morning… August 27, 2008

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I seriously just had the ****BEST***** experience EVER. I mean….the other cvs trips were good – this one was AWESOME!!! I had great .oop – they had everything on my list (though I have to admit I got the last of a few things!) and everything rang up right, lol!!!! NOT to mention that the cashier kept GASPING.  She’d tell me my .oop cost and I’d dig for change, then when it spit out ecb’s, she’d gasp and announce to everyone within range….you got $5 back!!. She asked if she could come over to my house. The last time she bent over, laughing, pounding the register.  I got several email addresses pushed into my hand – people were asking for me to write down details of coupon websites, one lady wanted to see my binder…one lady I shared coupons with and even stood there and explained everything to her for probably 5-10 minutes, which ended up with my DH getting a job offer from her husband! DH is in need of her job, btw – who knows if it’ll work out but still mamas – I left in TEARS. As I left, there was a woman on the phone who’d seen what I’d done – and she was telling someone “I just saw this coupon lady…she has a whole cart FULL of stuff and she paid like $2 for it all! I gotta see how she does it!   Just thought it was HILARIOUS that even the cashier was in shock!!!

Here’s what I got:

(sorry such a bad photo – my camera is in dh’s room so that’s with my cell phone!)
Went in with 2 $5.79 ecb’s

Transaction 1
CVS wipes – $2, reg $2.79
Kotex lightdays – $1.49
2 Zipfizz’s – $5.99 each
-$2 skincare
-$5.79 ecb
-$5.79 ecb adjusted to $5.68, lost $.11
.oop cost: $.00 – not sure how but I didn’t have anything .oop on this one!
ecb’s back: $11.98 & $1.49 – both zips printed off together which threw me!

Transaction 2
CVS Babywipes – $2
Stayfree (look for bonus pkg – there’s 60 pads and it counts b/c it’s a “bonus”
Stayfree 2/$9 – both were $6.39 each
2 Johnson & Johnson baby lotion – clearanced at $1.25 from $4.99
Twizzlers – clearanced at $.20 from $.79
2 Softsoaps – $.99 each reg 2.49 each
Slimfast bars – clearanced at $1.25/box of 6, reg $4.99
8 Kellogg ExtraK bars – clearanced at $.22 each from $1.49
2 Buddies Soaps – $1.19 each

-$.35 softsoap
-$.35 softsoap
-$1 buddies
-$1 buddies
-$1 Stayfree
-$1 Stayfree
-$11.98 ecbs from zippfizz
total .oop: $39 + $.41 tax = $.80
received $5 ecbs from stayfree!

Transaction 3
CVS Babywipes: $2 reg $2.79
2 Stayfree 2/$9 from $6.39
-$1 stayfree
-$1 stayfree
-$2 skincare
-$5 ecb’s from stayfree #1
total .oop – 00 + $.16 tax = $.16
received $5 ecbs from stayfree back

Transaction 4
CVS babywipes – $2, reg $2.99
2 boxes Slimfast 6 bars clearanced at $1.25 from $4.99
3 children’s enemas – $2.19 each
-$2 skincare
-$1.49 ecbs from kotex in transaction 1
-$5 ecbs from stayfree in transaction 3
total .oop $.58 + $.05 tax = $.63
received 6 ecb’s back
received Q for free cvs toothbrush!

Transaction 6
CVS Cough Drops – $.43 clearanced from $1.69
forgot these – they were under my purse so I purchased them outright b/c I needed them!

Total .oop for EVERYTHING was….drum roll……..$2.05 and I still have $6 ecb’s!! I am thrilled with how this turned out! Shelf cost:$111.97

Which brings my monthly savings to…

Total spent: $275.36

Total Saved: $472.54


I love coupons!


I then went to Walmart where I had to pick up necessiteis for next month. Walmart is further away, so I went ahead and bought some things we only get there that were needed for September. Since they are September only items, they are not included in the budget. I did however find chapstick for 3 tubes for $1, sucrets for $1, halls defense cough drops for $.65/bag with coupon, and I picked up another Kotex lightdays for free. 🙂 It’s a really really good day. I needed that.


2 Responses to “CVS on a quiet Wednesday morning…”

  1. Tosha Says:

    WOW! I am impressed, and I am not a newbie either!Keep up the awesome work and you can probably get the groceries under your budget of $300.

  2. handfulofquietness Says:

    I actually DID come under budget this month!!!! 🙂 I only spent $275.31 after it was all said and done. I’m excited – that includes so many things I stocked up on! I’m currently preparing for September’s trip!

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