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Publix…is it September yet? August 25, 2008

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I’m soooo looking forward to September! I am so ready to get my budget revamped! I have gone over our original budget, but that’s simply b/c I didn’t start couponing till after my big 1/2 our budget trip! Anyway…..I still am going to stay under $300, and since I didn’t use the CC, just used my blow money, it’s all good. 😉 I’m still upping the savings though!


I ran to publix last night to take care of the .01 deal, which was toilet paper! Here’s what I got:

2 Kotex tampons – BOGO at $3.13 each, minus 2 $1 coupons, making my oop $1.13 for 2

3 pounds bananas @ $.64 each

Snickers Candy Bar – $.79 (had to have for my dr’s appt this morning)

gallon of OJ – $2.49

2 6pks Sunmaid raisins…paired with Publix Q & Manu Q – $1 for both six pks

Total .oop – $8.64

Savings: $11.87

I’m hoping my .oop this week at CVS is rather low – I should’ve saved my kotex q’s for cvs, I’m a dummy. Yesterday was super stressful for me, so it wasn’t a good time for me to be couponing. 😦 I fell really bad yesterady – landed ON my 7mths pregnant belly. Yes, the dr. has checked me out and I’m FINE. I’m bruised and sore though – and I dropped my $600 camera. Yippers…it’s still taking pictures, so I’m hoping it’s ok. Tile and wet shoes don’t mix. My bp today was 112/66, i was up three pounds, meaning I’m finally within 5 pounds of my “prepregnancy” weight at the drs, still down 8 pounds for my personal scale. Funny…..I hope I don’t gain tooooo much more..I’d like to at least stay under 200!


One Response to “Publix…is it September yet?”

  1. Monica Says:

    My Publix accepts competitor’s coupons – so you can use those $2/$10 CVS coupons on each $10 food bill!!!!! I went the other day and had a $12.80 total – down to $5.96! Check at your Publix too – because it would be awesome to combine those with your other coupons! Also, I assume you have signed up for the Baby Club and are getting those coupons?

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