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Clothes for the kids…cheap! August 25, 2008

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When is spending $88 a frugal move? When it’s spending money (yard sale for THIS purpose) for all this:

PLUS two maternity tops, a tiny love mobile & a car seat protector thingie that retails for $20 at BRU!

I went to the sale on Saturday and this is what I came away with! I got it all for $88 – not too shabby! I have to find one or two more pairs of pants and this will be Ryan’s full wardrobe. Ethan is pretty much set too, what with the handmedowns from Ry. He needed long sleeved onesies, and I got them!

I had a blast – both boys have shoes already, Ryan has a pair of dress shoes that were given to him, tennis shoes I picked up last season at Target for $3.74, and a pair of play sneaks that got burned a little on the four-wheeler so they were retired to play. they were another pair of the $3.74 in a 1/2 size smaller.

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