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another day…. August 23, 2008

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Nothing big here…I did laundry this morning, hung it out to dry. I’m trying my best to get our utillity bill down – the last one came this morning and it was a whopping $215.77 😦 I’m heartbroken, but our unit had an issue where the fan refused to turn off, so it was blowing 100% of the time, plus it was super hot, so I’m hoping that’s the reason. There’s supposed to be a 20% rate increase next month, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help the bill, but I’m going to do my utmost best.

No big shopping today – I did stop by Publix tonight after eating with my grandparents (they paid, how SWEET!) and picked up Shout.  Not the best deal by far, but here’s how it went:

Shout – $2.89 each

-$2/2 Publix Q

-.75 manufact. Q’s – times 2

After tax was $2.60 for both. Hey, it’s a savings of $3.50, and it was something I genuinely needed. With a two year old, we go through Shout like crazy! I was hoping to get more free napkins, but they didn’t have those Q books at this publix, so I waited. I guess 13 pkgs are enough, heehee!!!

Tomorrow’s plans include…cleaning house, and buying clothes. We had a yard sale back early this month for the express purpose of padding the clothing budget. Ryan (2) needs a whole fall/winter wardrobe, and Ethan will need a few things as well since he’s due in a different season than Ryan was.  still….we raised $130 then, and then Ryan got $100 for his birthday for clothes & batteries. I’m getting batteries almost free from CVS right now, and he did spend a little on something he wanted at Target, so I still have $180 to buy clothes with. I said all that for this…tomorrow is a local consignment sale. It’s usually pretty decent, and I always wait to go until it’s 1/2 price day. Tomorrow from 11am-12pm it’s 1/2 price off anything, so I should hopefully get something good. Last year I got some great things. There are four local sales like this, and I always wait until 1/2 price day. You easily get wrapped up in buying cute things if you go early, or at least I do, and so I just wait until it’s picked a little more, and the deals are better. I’m soooo about saving money on their clothes, they mostly end up stained or worn OUT – especially jeans on my little dude. Too much dirt, haha! He & DH are out on the four-wheeler as we speak!

Anyway..hopefully I’ll have great updates tomorrow! Plus…possibly another cvs/publix run with my g’ma! I’m trying to impress her, lol!


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