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CVS run – 8/21/08, $2.13 .oop cost! August 21, 2008

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We stopped by the bank after Publix and then went to CVS. It was very quiet there today, thankfully! The only downside to this trip is I came away with NO Ecbs leftover, which I don’t like to do, but the batteries were unplanned and yet were such a great deal I couldn’t resist. We go through sooooooo many batteries with Ryan’s toys AND the monitor takes AAA batteries, and since I use it every night with Ryan and will with Ethan, I couldn’t pass them up!!

CVS Total Haul:

Transaction 1

M&M’s – $.50, regularly $.79

2 Glade Sprays – $1.99 each, sale for $.88 – bogo coup, $.44 each

4 OralB toothbrushes – $2.99 reg, sale for $1.99 – $1 ecb each, coup for $1/2, $.50 each


bogo glade

2 $1 oralb

$5 ecb

Total .oop – $.60

Received 4 ecb’s back


transaction 2

CVS Baby Wipes – $2.99 reg, sale for $2.50 – $2 skincare coupon, $.50

2 Crest toothpastes, $2.79 reg, sale for $1.99 – $1 ecb each – $1/2 coupons, $.50 each

2 OralB toothbrushes, $2.99 reg, sale for $1.99 – $1 ecb each – $1/2 coupons, $.50 each

$2/10 Coupon

$2 skincare Coupon

2 $1 oral b/crest coupons

$4 ecb

Total .oop – $.66

received $4ecb


Transaction 3

CVS Baby Wipes, $2.99 reg, $2.50 sale – $2 skincare coupon – $.50

3 pkgs Duracell batteries – reg $8.99 each, sale for $2.25, I had only 1 $.75 coupon

used $2/10

used $2 skincare

$.75 duracell coupon

$4 ecb’s

Total .oop – $.60

received no ecb’s 😦


Transaction 4

Baby shoes – $7.99, had $5 ecb tag on it, but it was old… below

Duracell 12pk batteries, $8.99 reg, sale for $2.25

used $2/10 coupon

paid $8.90 oop first, then realized no ecb’s printed. She went and looked at the tag – it was from last week, so invalid. I returned the shoes, she said not to worry about the change thing..I was confused but said ok. I went to the car, where I realized that because I used the coupon on the transaction to begin with, but returned the shoes, I actually ended up making out with the set of batteries only costing $.27 after tax – NOT my intention at ALL, but the manager gave them to me that way!!

So I walked away with no ecb’s printed, BUT I did get batteries that I needed! I’ll start again next week!

Total .oop for this trip:  $2.13

Savings: $70.23 off regular price between coupons & savings!! YAY!

August Total with one week left!

Total spent: $270.10

Total Saved: $316.78


3 Responses to “CVS run – 8/21/08, $2.13 .oop cost!”

  1. I see you didn’t save any M&Ms for me. 🙂

  2. Alana Jo Says:

    Dang. Great deals!!! Where’d u find the Oral B Qs? I have the Crest ones. Id like to do the Oral Bs instead of so many tooth pastes.

  3. handfulofquietness Says:

    Alana – I clipped them from the 8/3/08 SS insert. 🙂 It was for one pulsar or 2 indicator brushes.

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