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Couldn’t handle blogger!!! August 20, 2008

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I’m moving over back here now – I couldn’t handle blogger, I got frusterated and gave up!!

At any rate, here I am – hoping to get back into blogging. I need somewhere to keep my running grocery totals, and here’s the best place I can think of!! 😀 I’m slowly becoming a much better shopper – I’ve finally succumbed to coupon shopping, and I’m having more fun than I’ve had in YEARS!!!!

I’ll update on groceries though later – for now, I’m going to bring you all (what, all 2 of you?) up to date on my life!

I’m 27 weeks pregnant with another BOY!!! Yes, I’m going to have two boys! Ryan James turned two on August 9th, and Ethan Robert will hopefully come into this world around November 9th.  I’m carrying much smaller this time, I’m still 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m FINALLY getting to where I can eat, and I can usually go 2 days without medication now! Praise GOD!!! From 3 times a day to 1every 3 days is such a blessing!!

My husband is leaving his job – he has been there 5 years and due to the economy they have offered a buyout which will pay our home off. This is nothing short of a blessing from God – we would have a 2008 family car, home & no debt whatsover. Then, he’d finally be off nightshift! We’ve prayed for him to get off Nightshift for 6 YEARS!!!!  WOW!!! Now we just have to look for a job! I’m looking every day – I usually send out 2-3 applications or resumes a day, now we have to just wait and see.  He has up to 2 years at his company before he has to leave, so I’m sure something will happen within 2 years!!!

I’m hosting our annual ladies luncheon this year – the theme is “Friendship” and it’s being held on either September 20th or 27th. We’re still planning for it – the invites have to go out in another week, so we’ll nail that down this week.

I’ll post more later on my couponing – it’s become my hobby and has helped me so much.


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