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March 24, 2008

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Finished the shopping today! I usually go only once per week, but this past weekend was a little crazy resulting in a few stops. 🙂

 Publix: $5.40

2 soliel razors – $1 each

2 canteloupes – $1.50 each

fresh flowers (not out of the food budget but from my blow money – $4

2 bottles franks hot sauce – FREE

2 bottles french’s mustard – FREE

Ranch Dressing – $.01

Kroger $27.01

3 gallons milk (this is the cheapest I’ve found in a while so I bought some for the frezzer) $2.99 each

1 gallon OJ – $2.99

6 pkgs steamfresh veggies – $.49 each

cooking spray – $1.54

Bananas – $1.24 for all

3 cans tuna @ $.69 each

2 blocks cheese @ $1.49

honey – $2.00

bread – $.89

I went over my budget – it looks like. However, what I didn’t post was that I did sell something on craigslist, some old curtains of mine – $13 went into the food budget to help stock up on.  Therefore, I didn’t go over at all. 😀 Since today is MEAL PLAN MONDAY I’ll be back!


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